WotNot Bulk 12 Pack Baby Wipes- 12 x 70 pack

Original price was: $95.88.Current price is: $86.49.


WotNot Bulk 12 Pack Baby Wipes- 12 x 70 pack

Original price was: $95.88.Current price is: $86.49.

Natural, biodegradable and compostable baby wipes. Bulk pack of 12.

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Wotnot’s natural bulk baby wipes are a must-have at home, in the car, and in your nappy bag.

Designed by Aussie mums for delicate bums, Wotnot baby wipes are as kind to the earth as they are to baby’s sensitive skin.

Containing no nasty toxins or fragrances, our wipes are made from 100% natural and biodegradable bamboo fibres. They can even be composted.

Our gentle, nourishing wipes are suitable for even the most sensitive skin including those who suffer from conditions like eczema.

Make an eco-friendly choice today that protects family’s health tomorrow: shop bulk baby wipes in Australia and never be caught short with our no-mess, no-fuss cleaning solution – whatever life throws your way.

Super soft and strong, you’ll get the most out of each oversized wipe, reducing waste and providing better value.

Proudly trusted, used and recommended by hospitals, midwives, and naturopaths.


purified water, decyl glucoside (extra mild surfactant), certified organic aloe barbadensis (certified organic aloe vera), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), sodium citrate, citric acid, and silver dihydrogen citrate (extra mild preservative).

100% bamboo! Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. Trees can take up to 15 years to reach full height, but a year after we trim our bamboo, it will have grown back and can be harvested again.


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