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About Us

Hello! I’m Meg and welcome to Sustainababy!

Sustainababy is our family owned and operated business that has been nurtured since 2009, recently changing owners and moving interstate to Melbourne, Sustainababy is entering an exciting new phase!

Eco has always been my way of life and I’d love to help make it yours.

Having worked as a nurse and midwife, I’ve always been health and eco conscious, and aware of the environmental impact our modern lives leave on our earth.  When my children were younger, I felt frustrated at the confusing and conflicting information given to parents that made their journey much more difficult than it needed to be. I have volunteered (and still do) as a breastfeeding counsellor and breast pump hire person for the Australian Breastfeeding Association group in my local community. In my spare time (umm, what’s that? lol) I enjoy nothing more than experimenting in the garden (I am not a natural green thumb!) and going for trips to the beach and zoo.

These days, I have my hands full eco-parenting my two girls, one in primary & the other in secondary school and growing my third baby, Sustainababy. I am a passionate eco parenting mum and love supporting other women on their journey- I know the pressure of our modern lives combined with the desire to care for our earth can lead to stress and feelings of failure so I love making it simple and easy to follow.

My passion is empowering women on their journey of motherhood and I love nothing more than inspiring parents to live more sustainably- a win-win for our families and the earth. Whether you’re new to eco-parenting and have just discovered your Eco Force, or a long term greenie looking for some extra inspiration, you are welcome at Sustainababy.

I’d love you to join our supportive Facebook community of eco-conscious mums or connect with me on Instagram. Better still, opt in for our Eco News and you’ll receive the best  eco-parenting information in your inbox each month, along with news of the latest eco-parenting products, giveaways and reviews. Quality eco information, once a month, with no spam ever!

If you’re after a guiding hand and some extra fun on your eco-parenting journey you’re bound to enjoy our FREE monthly eco challenges. Each month we set a challenge for our followers to test themselves and have a chance at winning fabulous eco prizes.

Sustainababy is, and always has been, an eco-parenting resource for parents who wish to minimise their impact on the world, while providing the best for their child. I’m thrilled to have you join us on our journey.