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Winter Water Babies- Just Keep Swimming!

As the chilly weather kicks in, it can be tempting to give the swimming lessons a miss and stay warm. Here are my top tips for why you SHOULDN’T skip the swimming this winter…

You’ll be glad you kept up those lessons when the warmer weather returns
  1. Before you know it, Summer will be here (you know it’s true, wasn’t it just Christmas 5 minutes ago?). Kids can actually regress with their swimming skills after a longer break. Keeping up with lessons over Winter means they will continue to improve their skills and are less likely to have forgotten what they have learned.
  2. It’s great for their confidence in the water and they are less likely to become anxious about swimming.
  3. There are often less children continuing with their lessons over winter which means your child may get a more personalised lesson with their teacher as classes aren’t as busy.
  4. It boosts their immunity! Despite popular beliefs that they will get sick, kids who swim over winter are more likely to have better fitness which keeps their immune system strong.
  5. It can be a sanity saver! It gives you a reason to get out of the house and have a coffee while you watch them swim.

Below are our favourite swimming products we couldn’t do without!

The Close Pop-in baby & toddler swimsuits are really clever. They have long sleeves and a fleecy lining to keep little ones nice and warm. They are an all in one suit which has a very clever design, making it easy to change into & out of. You can just add a swim nappy liner for added protection and you are good to go. No more heavy, saggy bum!

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