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Surviving The Festive Season As A New Mum

It’s supposed to be a magical time of year, but as adults, it also gets really busy. In the hustle and bustle, it’s very easy to forget what Christmas is actually about. When you’re tired, getting to know a new baby and the Christmas party invitations keep coming at you, it’s not surprising that this time of year can leave you feeling less than merry.

We all have expectations of ourselves and what Christmas should be like but when your energy is running low, don’t ‘should’ all over yourself! Add to that the well meaning advice of how you should parent and your confidence can be left in the gutter- just when you felt you were getting the hang of things. I thought I’d share some of my favourite resources for surviving the festive season as a new mum (whether first time or fifth!), guilt-free, my gift to you 🙂

Self Care During The Holidays

We all know self care is vital so that we can look after our families but it can easily fall by the wayside when there is a new baby in the house. One of my favourite mentors, Julia Jones who is also a Postpartum Doula, has some great tips for getting through the festivities without burnout, on her Newborn Mothers blog.

Alcohol and New Mums

Enjoying a festive drink isn’t necessarily out of the question. This sometimes causes confusion and some ill-informed comments from relatives. Unlike pregnancy, where alcohol consumption is considered to be best avoided, breastfeeding is a different story. It can be perfectly acceptable to enjoy some festive cheer (perhaps with bubbles), the effect depends on a few factors such as timing, how much alcohol is consumed and of course your body and how it metabolises alcohol. The Australian Breastfeeding Association has written a handy guide to help you feel reassured during the celebrations.

Let’s not forget other alternatives. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some creative alternatives to alcohol, mocktails are refreshing and Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe blog has shared some Kombucha drinks which I think is such a great idea- rather than dealing with the after effects of alcohol, leaving you dehydrated, why not enjoy drinks with health benefits?

Wishing you & your family a special holiday season, may it be full of peace and joy, creating happy memories for many years to come.


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