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Sustainababy August Eco Challenge

Aust-Made-LogoThis August, Sustainababy is eco challenging you to BUY AUSTRALIAN MADE. For just one month we’re asking you to say no to cheaper imports and support our local industries. Select Aussie-grown produce in your supermarket, buy a quality Australian-made clothing piece, purchase an Australian service as a gift rather than an item manufactured overseas, basically GO LOCAL!


By buying Australian made you are not only supporting our local economy, you are reducing the kilometres goods travel from their place of production to the end consumer, which is great for our environment. Australian laws also prevent unethical practices such as child labour, that are often common in other countries, so by shopping locally you are supporting ethical production.

Of course you may still decide to buy the cheaper item from offshore but we’re asking you to think about your purchase and document your journey towards supporting Australian made. Perhaps stock up on Australian tin tomatoes every month when they come on sale. Eat food in season to increase the likelihood of it being grown locally. Support our growers so Australia doesn’t lose the ability to feed itself.

I’ll be doing the monthly eco challenge too and will pop into the Forum to share my experiences and see how you’re all getting along. I do expect this challenge to be a tricky one, given the decline in Australian manufacturing over the past twenty years. But do your best, and be sure to let me know how you get on. Keen to join me? This is what you’ll need to do:

  • Request to join our closed Monthly Eco Challenge Group here
  • For the month of August, try your best to buy Australian made where possible.
  • Write a short summary of your journey (500 words maximum) and email your summary and photographs with subject line “August Eco Challenge” to info@sustainababy.com.au before midday AEST Monday 9th September. Please ensure your summary is grammatically correct as the winning summary will be published word for word.
  • The winner will be contacted by email and their summary will be published on our blog no later than 5pm AEST Friday 13th September 2013.

The winner will also receive the fabulous prize of an Australian Made UIMI merino wool Maureen Poncho in Dove Grey. Valued at $259, this garment is of the highest quality and is perfect for winter warmth and stylish yummy mummies. It is also flattering for post partum bodies and even discrete breastfeeding! Good luck!



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