That Red House Wool Dryer Balls- 6 pack


That Red House Wool Dryer Balls- 6 pack


100 Percent Australian pure wool dryer balls
Reduce drying time and your power bill
Eliminate static, reduce wrinkles and the need for wasteful dryer sheets.

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Made with Australian Wool
3 dark and 3 light balls
Plastic Free Packaging

On days where putting things in the dryer is the only option, using these Australian crafted 100% pure woolen dryer balls will significantly reduce your drying time. The pack includes 3 dark balls for darker clothes and three light balls for your whites. That Red House Dryer Balls are larger and loftier than others on the market and are better priced. They make the perfect laundry accompaniment to the That Red House Soapberries.

Woolen dryer balls not only reduce drying time (which saves your electricitiy bill), but they reduce ironing time, reduce static electricity in your clothes after they have been in the dryer and soften the fabric. They are particularly useful when drying sheets and towels.

These Woolen Dryer Balls are made under fair trade conditions in Nepal to give gainful employment to women who would otherwise not have the means to support their families. The company they work for use Australian Wool and make them for companies all around the world, so they’re supporting our farmers with the wool they purchase.


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