*NEW* Merino Kids GO GO Bag DUVET- Grey/Blue

International award winning, pure Merino lined Duvet weight sleeping bag for babies and toddlers.

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100% natural sleep bag.

The Go Go Bag ensures moisture is absorbed and released away from your sleeping baby because it is made from Merino.

It keeps your baby warm in cooler conditions and ensures your baby is kept cool in the heat. This unique feature creates its own microclimate around the body, regulating your baby's temperature so they are perfectly adapted to their sleeping environment. Most importantly, the Go Go Bag will keep your baby at a safe and comfortable temperature throughout all their sleeps because of the unique features of merino.

Featuring 100% organic cotton 'fleece' outer and 100% Superfine Merino lining.

Suitable for room temperatures 15-20 degrees Celsius.

Available in sizes Newborn- 2yrs & 2-4yrs.


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