Close Pop-in Newborn Nappy Pack

Avoid the oversized bulky cloth nappy look on your newborn with these handy smaller-sized cloth nappies

PRICE: $129.90


Product Description

The Pop-in newborn nappy is an affordable way to nappy your newborn without the bulk of one-size-fits-most that may be too large for the first few months.

Unlike the standard one-size Pop-in, it is specially designed to be used on a tiny or premature baby straight from birth and is suitable for babies sized 2 – 5.5 kg.

The front section is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it and the nappy itself is much slimmer and intended for the lower wetting, high frequency changing those first few weeks bring… with 10 or more changes a day.

It is still 100% Pop-in with all the same trust and reliability, but with some new materials and new ideas. Unlike its older sibling, the outer wrap can be easily wiped clean and reused if not soiled, leaving you to just switch the soaker over come change time.

The clever double-sided design of the soaker means you can choose: 100% soya, known as vegetable cashmere, or stay dry suede cloth against baby’s delicate skin.

Inside your Pop-in newborn nappy pack you will find 6 outer wraps and 10 soakers. The mix of wrap colours may vary according to stock availability.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


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