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Repairing Degraded South Australian Landscapes

Here at Sustainababy®, sustainability isn’t just a passing trend. Along with the care we put into selecting eco friendly products to stock, we seek to have a wider influence on improving our environment.

A parcel of degraded land in South Australia’s Eden Valley has recently been revegetated thanks to contributions from Sustainababy® and several other small South Australian businesses.

This 10 hectare Carbon revegetation site is situated in the moderate rainfall area of Eden Valley, South Australia, approximately 6km North-east of Springton. The revegetation site is in a gently undulating watershed catchment area with several granite outcrops and a low ephemeral creek system. Previous land use on this site includes cropping and grazing. It is situated adjacent to another Eden Valley Carbon Neutral site also being revegetated in 2010.


Property view showing the revegetation area
The dominant vegetation along this site is defined as Southern Blue Gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon) and Peppermint Box (Eucalyptus odorata) grassy woodland with River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) lowland. Focusing direct seeding revegetation on this site will help buffer and link the remaining stands of remnant vegetation and also provide critical habitat for local fauna. It will also link with the neighbouring property’s Carbon plantings.


Species planted on site:

– Eucalyptus sp. camaldulensis, fasciculosa, leucoxylon, odorata
– Acacia sp. acinacea, euthycarpa, paradoxa, pycnantha, retinodes
– Allocasuarina verticillata
– Banksia marginata
– Bursaria spinosa
– Callitris gracilis
– Dodonaea viscosa spatulata


Direct Seeding (6 October 2010)


Looking south-east across the proposed revegetation area (March 2010)

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