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Australian Made Organic Baby Products

We all love the idea of Australian made. Buying local products makes us feel good. But do we love Australian made enough to pay a premium for these products?

Buying Australian made is not only important for our local, regional and national economies, it makes social and environmental sense. Goods are produced according to our ethical laws which ensure workers are of a minimum age and are paid award wages. The distance products travel from place of manufacture to consumer is also significantly minimised – which is great news for environmental emissions!

The current Sustainababy Monthly Eco Challenge is to buy Australian made products for an entire month. Sadly, this is providing difficult for our participants due to significant decline in locally produced goods in recent years. Which indicates that perhaps not enough of us love Australian made enough.

We here at Sustainababy strongly believe in supporting Australian made and make an effort to source locally produced environmentally-friendly baby products wherever possible. We have build up quite a collection of locally-produced eco baby goods so if you’re after a special Australian-made baby item, be sure to browse our store.

To make your browse that bit easier, here are some of our Australian-made favourites


  1. Master & Miss Ava Dress – $49.95
  2. Kambamboo Journey Pillow Kookaburra – $39
  3. milk & masuki Onsie – Sleepy Fow $34.90
  4. Tetra Tea Tree Organic Baby and Toddler Pillows – from $29
  5. Econino Organic Cotton Change Table Cover – $34.95
  6. Jack n’ Jill Natural Toothpaste – from $3.95
  7. uimi Indiana Merino Blanket Indigo – $169
  8. Billie Goat Soap Baby Cleansing Bars – $9.95
  9. ecochici Reusable Gift Wrap Heirloom – from $25
  10. Left Hand Make Small One Childrens Table and Chairs – from $380

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