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Amanda joins the Sustainababy team


Hi there, I’m Amanda and I’m really excited to join the Sustainababy team.

I’ll let you in on a secret … firstly, I seem to take a lot of selfies with my kids (as illustrated above). And secondly, I’m nowhere near as eco as I want to be!

In fact, when Laura first asked me if I’d be interested in working with her, that was my only concern – I think the conversation went like this: “yes I would love to, but you do know my eco-efforts are pretty half-ar*ed at best?!”

Thankfully Laura assured me that wouldn’t be a problem – after all, we’re all at different places on the journey – and so I’ve joined Sustainababy looking after all things communications related.

My background is in journalism, communications and public relations, so you’ll see my name pop up a lot as I help out with the Sustainababy blog, social media, newsletters and even the retail side of things.

I live in remote South Australia about 600km north of Adelaide with my husband and three boys aged 7, 5 and 18 months. We’ve always used cloth nappies and I guess that’s probably my biggest eco achievement so far – we’ve saved a lot of disposable nappies from landfill over the last seven and a half years!

But I’m a bit embarrased to admit we’ve been a bit up and down in other areas and that’s where I’m really focussing on improving in 2015. We’re currently ‘eating down’ our pantry to get rid of the last of the pre-packaged meal bases I stocked up on when going through a rocky, sleepless patch with my youngest child last year; I’m trying really hard to stick to a meal plan, buy Australian made and organic food where possible; I’m gradually removing the nasty cleaning chemicals from our home; and I’m trying to convince my husband to turn our (very barren and sad) vegie garden into a chook run.

With winter just around the corner I’ve also begun to look for more eco-friendly ways to stock up my ever-growing boys’ wardrobes and I’ve also just finished Laura’s first-ever greenHOUSE program. What a huge eye-opener that has been! I thought we were reasonably energy smart already but it has been a fascinating insight into how much energy we use in our home and how we can help the environment and save money by cutting back on our consumption (but that’s a whole separate blog in itself!)

I’m pretty thrilled to be working with Laura at Sustainababy … sometimes I have to pinch myself that I really do have a job that fits in with my gym schedule and family commitments! I can’t wait to talk to you more here on the Sustainababy website as well as on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages – and hopefully share some of my eco-achievements (and maybe even flops!) with you along the way.

Amanda x

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