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I love Easter. The fun activities, cute bunnies, yummy chocolate and relaxing long weekend. But I also love to stay grounded, it’s so easy to get sucked into the overconsumption and waste. I’ve put together my favourite eco-tips so you can enjoy the fun without being a negative Nancy.

1. Look for minimal packaging, recycled paper and try to avoid plastic. Organic Times are one of my favourite.  Get creative with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as your mantra.

2. Make time for fun Easter activities. Easter hunts. or reusing Easter egg foil to make a marble roly-poly. I love following The Organised Housewife, she has some great ideas for Easter which you can check out here.

3. Get outdoors! It’s a great time to enjoy the fresh air, explore by going for a trip or even discovering your local hidden treasures with a stay-cation! We are checking out a local garden maze- something I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time.

4. Easter baking- this is one of my favourites. I love trying healthy alternatives to old favourites like hot cross buns. I’m also wanting to have a go at some chocolate making with coconut oil and cacao. I love the Changing Habits hot cross bun version– hot cross chocolate date buns!

5. Easter crafts are the best. Whether it’s an Easter bonnet (remember those!), use toilet paper rolls to make bunny rabbits, a Paper strip egg, paper plate bunny or even a yarn bowl for putting your eggs in- lots of great ideas to suit your time and budget and recycle some of those things you have lying around. http://peninsulakids.com.au/fun-at-home/craft/

6. A time to refresh. Easter traditionally symbolises rebirth and renewal, so it’s a great time to finally sort through those baby clothes  and toys and donate those that your baby has outgrown. The clutter can certainly build up quickly and this time of year brings a change of weather so is an ideal time. You can also find out if someone you know is having a baby- they may certainly appreciate some pre-loved goods- good for the earth and good for the soul.

7. Creating traditions. Think about your best Easter memories, whether they were family trips, egg decorating or BBQ’. Why not create some new traditions too that you like. Egg decorating is a long standing tradition in our house and one of our main highlights- the complexity of the decorating has certainly evolved as our kids get older.

Photo: Inhabitots

8. The spirit of giving. I love to look for ways to make the Easter holidays meaningful. In Melbourne we have the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal which is part of every Easter. My daughter, who has a deep love of animals has discovered Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage– a great organisation that rescues rabbits and educates people about rabbit welfare, a worthy cause indeed.

What do you love about Easter?

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