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Since our birth in 2009, Sustainababy has grown a community of highly aware and engaged parents, particularly mothers, who are passionate about eco-parenting and sustainable living.

Sustainababy is regularly featured in various Australian and International print and online media. We have won several local and regional awards for innovation and sustainability and value our reputation as the leading voice on eco-parenting.

Sustainababy is owned and operated by Laura Trotta, an environmental engineer and mother of two young sons. Laura lives in Outback South Australia and is passionate about breastfeeding, organic gardening, organic cooking and home sustainability. Laura is recognised as a leader in sustainability, is the eco-parenting columnist for My Child Magazine and is the main author for the Sustainababy Blog.

While the main purpose of the Sustainababy Blog is to share eco-parenting information of interest to our readers, we do offer limited advertising opportunities for eco businesses or organisations that share our purpose and passion. Advertising opportunities include banner placement in our Blog sidebar, sponsored posts, product reviews, giveaways and the opportunity to be the exclusive sponsor for one of our monthly Eco Challenges. Please contact us to discuss ways we can work together and to obtain a copy of our Media Kit.

Please note: From time to time we will accept guest blog posts from eco businesses and organisations whom we have developed a relationship with and who share our ethos. We do not accept guest posts from people who are merely looking for a link back to their site or a platform to advertise their business. That is NOT what our blog is about and we will not respond to requests for this type of guest posting.

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