Mixed Cloth Nappy Starter Kit - Premium

Mixed nappy starter kit with everything you will need

Price $229.00

Product Information

The Premium Mixed Nappy Starter Kit provides everything a new parent needs to maximise their cloth nappying success.


The Kit contains five different one size fits most cloth nappies (fit from newborn to toilet training), a swim nappy, nappy cover, nappy liners, a booster, eco-friendly nappy detergent, cloth wipes and a handy wet bag for when out and about. Buying your nappies in this Kit will save you $30 off the combined value of $259.

Kit components:
1 x Baby BeeHinds Magic Alls Multifit Nappy (rrp $34)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fitted Nappy (rrp $26)
1 x Seedling Baby Sizeless Pocket Nappy (rrp $28)
1 x Close Pop in New Gen Bamboo Nappy (rrp $32)
1 x Cushie Tushies Chameleon Cloth Nappy (rrp $36)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Bamboo Fold Ups ($8)
1 x Cushie Tushies Reusable Wipes Pack of 5 (rrp $16)
1 x Close Pop-In New Gen Biodegradable Nappy Liners 80 pack (rrp $9)
1 x Cushie Tushies Cloth Nappy Detergent 550ml (rrp $20)
1 x Baby BeeHinds PUL Nappy Cover (rrp $14)
1 x Seedling Baby Paddle Pants Swim Nappy (rrp $20)
1 x Baby BeeHinds Wet Bag ($16)

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