*NEW* Close Pop-In Car Seat Protector- Campervan Blue

Designed to keep the car seat clean and dry even when your lttle one isn't!

Price $24.95

Product Information

Compatible with most seats and easy to fit.

Removing your car seat cover to wash and dry is a hassle every parent could well do without, this clever little cover is an easy way to protect the seat from all the surprises your little treasure may have in store.

Never again will you have to worry about all those crumbs that seem to thrive and multiply in the bottom of the car seat.

The fast wicking fleece insert will make light work of soaking up any unexpected accidents, keeping the seat dry even when baby's bottom isn't!

May also be used with your stroller or high chair.

Size: 41cm x 31cm

Machine washable 100% polyester laminate with TPU membrane.

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