Baby BeeHinds Magic Alls Multifit Nappy - Hot Choc

Slimmer version of the popular Baby BeeHinds multifit nappy

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Note: This nappy is the Multifit version 2 which is less bulky than the original version.


If you love colour, the soft plush of minkee fabric and the practicality of an all-in-one cloth nappy, look no further. You will fall in love with the Baby BeeHinds Magic All Multifit nappy.


Multifit nappies are designed to grow with your baby - simply change the size setting (four in total) to suit. This nappy fits from approximately 3.5kg to 15kg, which for most babies, is from birth until toilet training. How is that for easy on your budget!!


Using specially milled fabrics made for Baby BeeHinds products, these nappies offer fantastic quality and comfort for baby. With an outer layer of cuddly-soft slinkee Minkee (laminated with PUL, so NO COVER REQUIRED) and an inner of smooth suedecloth, baby can be kept dry as wetness is wicked away from the skin.

Magic-Alls Multi-Fits are a pocket nappy, which means you have the ability to tailor the absorbency to exactly what your baby needs. This is achieved by inserting absorbent inserts/boosters in to the pocket opening at the back of the nappy.


Features and useful information:

  •  Pocket design (no cover required) so drying time is super quick!
  • 1 Multi-Fit bamboo insert + 1 Multi-Fit bamboo booster provided with each nappy. Together, these inserts can provide an amazing 9 layers of bamboo absorbency.
  • Made from 100% polyester (bamboo inserts made from 60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester)
  • Resin snap closure
  • Available in a wide range of colours to suit your taste.

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