Cushie Tushies Premium Laundry Detergent for Modern Cloth Nappies

All natural detergent that will leave your nappies clean and smelling fresh

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Designed specifically for use with modern cloth nappies, Cushie Tushies premium laundry detergent is the first detergent of its kind made in Australia. Available in a 50ml trial/travel size or 500ml bottle.


It is a dramatic departure from traditional salt-based detergents that use artificial foam builders, dyes, whiteners, softeners, fragrances & thickeners that can damage the environment, affect the performance of fabrics in modern cloth nappies, irritate skin and cause allergic reactions in chemically sensitive people.


Cushie Tushies premium laundry detergent is a totally natural product produced from plant esters derived from apples, oats, corn, & soy with a touch of natural Australian eucalyptus oil that leaves nappies clean and smelling fresh!


Cushie Tushies premium laundry detergent is based on a non-ionic surfactant system that loosens and removes organic soils without damaging the fabrics used in Modern Cloth Nappies. The highly concentrated formula means you only need to use the smallest amount with each wash.


Cushie Tushies premium laundry detergent contains a protein allergen neutraliser which has been proven effective against protein allergens.


Recommended use for average wash cycle:
Front-load machines:
Normal Wash - 2 caps
Heavy & Soiled Wash - 3 caps

Top-load machines:
Normal Wash - 3 caps
Heavy & Soiled Wash - 4 caps

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