Close Pop-In Bundle of Bags

These waterproof tote bags are ideal for storing your pop-in nappies before washing. Also great for use in your change bag when out and about.

Price $29.95

Product Information

Having 3 different sizes in this set means you can have a wet bag handy whether you're at home, travelling or running errands.

Waterproof, these handy zippered totes are made from a unique, leak-proof fabric that turns them into a clean and hygienic cloth nappy system.

Simply toss nappies into the wet bag, they can be hung on a hook or back of the door, add a drop of tea-tree oil until ready to wash.

Set contains:

Small: 33 x 37cm (fits 6 nappies)

Medium: 45 x 48cm (fits 10 nappies)

Large: 57 x 59 cm (fits 15 nappies)

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