Cushie Tushies MamaMinx Breastfeeding Pads

Luxurious cloth breastfeeding pads available in white or black and regular or thirsty absorbency

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Cushie Tushies MamaMinx breastfeeding (or nursing) pads are luxurious, antibacterial and save you money! Simply wash and reuse! Made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. This fabric is super soft and low allergenic on sensitive skin, soothing chafed nipples, plus is extremely absorbent. The hidden waterproof layer helps prevent any leaks through onto your clothing.


Available in two levels of absorbency – regular and thirsty. The regular pads are suitable for a medium speed milk flow, whilst the thirsty pads are best for those with a fast let-down, big milk supply or overnight use.


Each pack contains two pads (one pair).

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