The Petit Appetit Cookbook

Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler

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Why feed your baby food from a jar when you can quickly and easily make fresh, wholesome meals that give little mouths something to smile about? In The Petit Appetit Cookbook, professional cook and mother Lisa Barnes offers a healthy alternative to buying commercially processed, preservative-filled foods to help you create delicious menus, nurture adventurous palates, and begin a lifetime of positive eating habits for your children.


From birth to age four and a child's most crucial years for nutritional and dietary development - and now you can make sure your little one's early culinary experiences are delightful and nourishing, with recipes from fresh butternut squash puree for your baby, to chicken kebabs for your toddler, to multigrain scones for every petit appetit.


Small Dishes, Big Benefits

  • More than 150 quick, easy, child-tested recipes starting at four months of age
  • Mealtime solutions for even the most discriminating eaters
  • Why homemade is best
  • Nutrition information for each recipe
  • Create a single meal the entire family will share and enjoy
  • Make the right age- and stage-appropriate food choices
  • How to choose the best ingredients, read food labels, and safely store food
  • Look for the reference icons for no-sugar added, vegan and vegetarian recipes
  • Identify and avoid food allergies and intolerances

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