*NEW* Love to Dream inVENTA Sleep Bag 0.5 TOG - Taupe

Lightweight unisex summer baby sleeping bag

Price $59.95

Product Information

The Love to Dream inVENTA Sleeping Bag boasts a genius cooling system  that helps moderate temperature so your toddler sleeps comfortably all night long.

Features include:

  • Zip the Genius Colling System open or close as needed without waking your toddler
  • Silky, soft bamboo lining
  • Extra long zipper allowing for easy nappy changes
  • Shoulder stud and side zipper to allow your sleeping toddler to be eased into bag without waking
  • Back and front travel slot allows quick and easy access to 5-point harness.


Available in 4-12 months (approx 6-10 kgs) and 12-36 months (approx 10-14 kgs).

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