*NEW* Merino Kids GO GO Bag SHERPA- Grey & Blue

The warmest baby sleep bag on the market! The Sherpa Go Go Bag® ensures moisture is absorbed and released away from your sleeping baby because it is made using merino wool. Simply add clothing layers within the bag for extra warmth if required. The Merino Kids™ Go Go Bag™ has a CLEVER DESIGN and A zip flap cover keeps the zip end away from skin and makes it more difficult for little fingers to undo.

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100% Organic cotton outer & 100% Sherpa wool pile lining.

Suitable for room temperatures below 18 degrees Celsius.

Designed for your baby's safety and comfort. No extra covers are required as the Merino fibres help regulate your child's temperature, keeping them warm in the cold and cool in the heat which reduces the risk of overheating. It is superfine, hypoallergenic, non-itchy, luxuriously soft and light making it suitable for kids with eczema and sensitive skin.

It readily absorbs moisture which means no clamminess next to the skin, creating a perfect micro- climate around the body. The material retains less odour and nasty smells reducing the need for frequent washing which makes it more sustainable on the life of the bag as well as the environment.

When washing, a machine wash on wool cycle, maximum 30 degrees using a non-bio detergent is recommended. Hang to dry.

The GoGo Bag has passed rigorous fire safety testing as wool is the least flammable of fibres, it is therefore low fire risk and safe to have next to the body. It is self-extinguishing and won't melt or stick to the skin.

The GO GO Bag is available in 2 sizes:

Baby- (0-2yrs) and

Toddler- (2-4yrs)

And 3 different weights: Standard (room temperature 18-30 degrees), Duvet (below 20 degrees) & Winter weight (designed for room temperatures below 18 degrees).

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