Tetra Organic Head Cradle

Organic head cradle to minimise flat head syndrome

Price $39.95

Product Information

The Tetra Tea Tree Organic Head Cradle was developed some years ago by a leading paediatrician to assist in treating baby flat head syndrome (i.e. plagiocepheny), a common problem happening with babies spending so much of their time lying on their backs. The Tetra Head Cradle is best used under supervision and is not a substitute for mecial advice. Filled with naturally breathable Tea Tree Flakes, this pillow can be moulded and shaped to adjust to where it is needed for support a baby’s head.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Tetra is Australia’s most established range of natural infant bedding. Founded in 1949 and used by millions of parents to care for their children, Tetra’s Tea Tree organic baby mattresses and organic baby pillows are filled exclusively with organic Tea Tree Flakes. These are lighter-than-feather, naturally breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and naturally non-allergenic pieces of incredibly fine, native Australian Tea Tree bark. This is collected by hand so that the tree is not harmed and can be revisited endlessly; the very definition of sustainable. Tetra Tea Tree products are hand-made, with love, in Australia. 

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