*NEW* Cheeki Stainless Steel Coffee Cup- Heart 237ml/8oz

Premium grade stainless steel reusable coffee cup in stylish Tiffany blue with pink trim and purple lid. Enjoy your favourite beverage, guilt free!

Price $16.95

Product Information

Millions of disposable coffee cups are clogging up our landfill everyday and polluting our oceans. What's more, most of these are lined with plastic, take many years to decompose and can't be recycled. Stop the waste with a Cheeki reusable coffee cup.

The Cheeki Coffee Cup is the complete reusable package, made from premium food grade stainless steel, it doesn't retain smells or taste like it's plastic counterparts. It's double walled making it insulated so the cup stays cool to touch, whilst your drink stays hot for up to 5hrs. Featuring a non-spill lid, it fits perfectly in your car's cup holder and under standard barista machines.

Cheeki is Australia's leading brand of stainless steel lifestyle products and was established with the aim of providing a healthy, fun and environmentally responsible range for today's world. All Cheeki products are manufactured using premium food grade stainless steel and non-toxic inks, with no inside linings and they are BPA free.


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