investing in forests for the future

Sustainababy® Pty Ltd is continually seeking ways to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Part of the way we reduce our carbon footprint is to finance the planting of trees to harness carbon from our atmosphere.

Supporting the regeneration of South Australia

We actively support Trees for Life through their Trees for Carbon program. To date, Sustainababy® Pty Ltd has funded the planting of 335 trees in South Australia, our home state.

All trees and shrubs sequester carbon as they grow. The Trees for Carbon program has the following environmental benefits:

  1. The plantings are protected from clearing for at least 30 years and therefore remove carbon from the atmosphere for this period
  2. Cleared land is restored by planing multiple mixed native species
  3. The plantings promote improved biodiversity, habitat and ecosystems
  4. The plantings promote improved soil, air and water quality
  5. All plantings use seed obtained from local remnant vegetation to conserve genetic diversity.

Trees for Life was formed in 1981 by a group of concerned volunteers who wanted to practically address South Australia's devastating land clearing record (one of the worst State's in the Nation!). They sought to undo the damage by reintroducing native plants to degraded areas and caring for the bush that remained. Each year over 1 million seedlings are grown, and to date over 29 million seedlings have been propagated. Sustainababy is proud to support this local environmental program. 

Community driven, non-political and not for profit, Trees For Life is the largest volunteer organisation of its type in Australia.


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