8 September 2014

August Eco Challenge Winner


For the month of August, we asked our Eco Challenge community to be ‘Eco Inspirational’: to tell us about their eco inspirations and what this means in their everyday lives.  Sharyn Williams is our winner of the Be Eco Inspirational Eco Challenge and her winning entry is published below.

My Eco Inspiration
I have always been a bit “eco”, but what really started it for me was about 15 years ago when I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (an autoimmune condition). This made me start to question why my body was attacking itself. I started researching everything about the food we eat to the environment we live in.

Once I had children the love of my family and nature made me want to become even more “eco/sustainable” in the way we lived. Having children with asthma and allergies has made me even more determined.

Being Eco Inspirational - Everyday

Our vegie/herb/fruit patch, fruit trees and chook house - everyone should try to grow a little something.
We have our own chickens, which free range and get fed our food scraps. We have fruit trees and a vegetable/herb patch to grow as much of our own food as possible (free of chemicals) - nothing tastes better than freshly picked and eaten the way nature intended! This reduces the food mileage, as a lot of our fresh food travels directly from our garden to our plate.
Over time our goal is to keep increasing the amount we grow so that we eat more of our own. We also collect our relative’s food scraps to compost.


Salad made from produce from our garden -  No food miles + fresh as can be = perfect.

Even though for years I have been making a lot of my own food from scratch, I have started doing even more in the past 12 months (i.e. sour dough bread, stocks, sauces and jams). I will continue to increase this so that “packet food” (even organic) is used for “backups” only.


My home made sour dough bread (no packaging!)

I am in the process of researching prices on bulk organic foodstuffs and getting friends together to purchase in bulk so that organic produce is affordable for us all. I am sourcing direct from farmers where I can.

I am researching and creating a list of sustainable options for when renovations and repairs need to be done on our house such as using eco paints.

I have decided that “eco living, sustainability and health” (they are all related) are my greatest passions, so I am working on a business idea that allows me to work in this field.

I have started giving “eco” advice to friends and family on ways to be more sustainable in their everyday lives. Even if they take just one piece of advice it is better than nothing!

To us, life is about living and enjoying the simple things in life and being environmentally responsible is an important part of that for us – we are just doing as nature intended. I make my children and others aware that we are part of a whole system, which includes every other living organism and nature – we cannot function as individuals or separately as everything we do affects something else. Having that in the back of your mind can influence the decisions we make.

Being “sustainable” does not mean that you go without, in fact it means that life is lived the way it should be lived both for our own and others’ health and happiness, and for Mother Earth.

Congratulations Sharyn! It’s great to hear about how you have applied your eco inspiration into your everyday life, and that’s the best kind of eco inspiration of all. For your efforts you have earned a $150 gift voucher from Sustainababy. Enjoy spending it in the online store!

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