23 September 2013

Six Great Reasons to do Things the Hard Way

By: Jo Hegerty


Jo Hegerty transformed herself from blinkered consumer into enlightened earth mother and today motivates others to live sustainably through her blog Down To Earth Mother. In this guest post, Jo shares her journey and reminds us all of the great benefits of doing things the "hard" way.

Sometimes, usually when I’m hauling a basket-load of nappies up the stairs, kneading bread at 10pm or fossicking through the rubbish bin for recyclable plastic, I can understand why people are happy to live with blinkers on.

I used to shop vigorously at supermarkets and fill my green wheelie bin without a second thought. I didn’t even know that tomatoes had a season.

There was no life-changing event that turned me from blinkered consumer into enlightened earth mother. Indeed, it was what people describe as a “burgeoning awareness” of the trail of destruction I left in my wake: the factory-farmed chooks, thousands of disposable coffee-cup lids, toxic run-off from my super fizzy shampoo.

When you become a parent all the things you’re vaguely uneasy about sharpen in your mind and become a Really Big Deal. That noxious smell coming from a cheap but oh-so-cute babysuit is suddenly not ok. You do a little research and realise you don’t want cancer-causing chemicals so close to your baby’s skin. Next thing you know, you’re making your own baby wipes and looking up toothpaste recipes. True story.

I started my blog not long after my first child was born: a whopper of a son in rude good health. I intended to keep him that way. As he grew and was joined by his sister, my blog evolved and my passion increased. These days, the focus is outside my family. If I didn’t have my blog, I would be running around the streets screaming at people: “put it in the bin!” “don’t spray that on the lawn!” “that’s not really a health food!!”

As readers and customers of Sustainababy, I have no doubt we are on the same page. But sometimes, it’s not easy being green, right? There’s a reason the world is groaning beneath the detritus of convenience products: they’re so darned convenient!

If you ever feel like you simply can’t be bothered going to the farmers’ market or scavenging for second-hand clothing, here are six great reasons to keep up the good work:

You are a Supermum: single-handedly protecting your kids from the un-known dangers of long-term chemical exposure

  • You are teaching your children to value the earth by doing, not talking
  • Your family will seamlessly meet the likely challenges of the future, such as fuel and water shortages
  • When you’re 65 the benefits of your commitment to green living will be evident in your health, your face and your level of happiness
  • Green living costs less. It really, truly does.
  • With all that baking, gardening, walking and cycling, you never need to go to the gym. Ever. Hooray!

What are your reasons for green living? Share in the comments below.


About the Author: Jo Hegerty is a writer, blogger and mum of two. She lives in deepest, darkest suburbia near Brisbane and strives to have the greenest house on the street. For tips, advice and inspiration on green living, visit Down To Earth Mother 


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