15 September 2010

Exercise with Baby

Last Sunday my husband and I headed down to the Roxby Downs town oval to compete in the Desert Dash, a 5 or 10km walk/run event. We were pleasantly surprised at not only the number of townsfolk who got out of bed early on the Sunday morning to compete, but the number of families, and young children that took part. One of my friend's two year old daughter proudly completed the 5km walk in just over an hour!

As children learn from us from pretty much the minute they are born, it is up to us as parents to influence how healthy and active they become as adults. If you're a couch potato, chances are, your baby will become one too. You only need to walk past your local primary school at the end of the day to see the long line up of cars containing one parent waiting for the gates to open to collect their child. If the car was left at home, not only would the parent and child benefit from the extra exercise involved in walking to/from school, but our environment would come up a winner as well.

Having a child that can't yet walk is no excuse either. Most babies love being pushed in a pram and being in the outdoors. So go on, leave the car at home and take baby for a walk! Your health and the environment will thank you for it.

The following photographs of the Roxby Downs Desert Dash 2010 were taken by Peter Dospisil of Roxby Downs.



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