6 November 2014

October Eco Challenge WINNER


During the month of October we asked Sustainababy Eco Challenge participants to makeover their lunch boxes by banishing processed foods and creating nutritious lunches that children would love to eat. The results were nothing short of amazing!

There was one participant in particular however, who shared the inspiring lunchox creations for her six-year-old on Instagram throughout the month. We are so excited to announce that @dreamdream936 (otherwise known as Sapna Sharma) is our October Eco Challenge Winner!

Congratulations Sapna! For your efforts you have won a Yumbox Bento lunchbox and matching So Young Insulated Lunchbox Bag combo valued at $70.

Did you miss out on seeing the images through Instagram? Fear not, as we are thrilled to share the images with you here. Of course it's not too late to head over to Instagram and explore #loveyourlunchbox @sustainababy for all of this month's entries.


Top left: egg sushi, sultanas, orange, rice thins, boiled chickpeas with carrots and a banana.

Top right: bus sandwich, cucumber slices, boiled egg, crackers and strawberries.

Bottom left: chickpea rice, cucumber and tomato caterpillar, orange, pretzel, homemade yoghurt and an apple.

Bottom right: cheese, star-shaped sandwiches, brown rice sushi, celery, cucumber, strawberry, honey dew melon and grape fruit skewers, boiled egg shaped like a fish, kiwi fruit and mandarin.


Above: Red kidney bean rice with yoghurt, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomato, kiwi fruit, seeds and dates.


Top left: crackers, cucumber, strawberries on a food pick, grapes, boiled egg, cheese sandwich, carrot pieces and a mandarin.

Top right: leftover pasta, boiled egg, strawberries, rockmelon stickes, steamed cauliflower and an orange.

Bottom left: avocado sushi, pretzels, cucumber and carrot flowers, beans, strawberries, papaya and a banana.

Bottom right: egg roll sushi, pretzels, cucumber slices, carrot and rockmelon sticks, boiled egg, steamed cauliflower (colour changed by dipping in fresh beetroot juice) and a banana.


Above: Egg and beetroot brown rice sushi, cucumber, tofu, pretzels, yoghurt, boiled egg, capsicum, carrot, apple.


Top left: brown rice sushi, dates, orange, roasted vegetables on a food pick, pretzels and cheese.

Top right: egg fried rice, carrot, asparagus, boiled egg, capsicum, mushrooms, pretzels, dates and banana.

Bottom left: A lunch for a school excursion! Cheese and greens burger, asparagus, leftover pasta, cucumber and carrots, pretzels, olives and cheese.

Bottom right: sushi, grapes, left over pasta, egg and cheese.


Last night's pasta and red kidney bean salad, popcorn, nectarine, beans, carrots, strawberry and cucumber.


Top left: beetroot rice (rice mixed with homemade beetroot dip) and boiled egg, steamed broccoli, mejdool dates, crackers and cheese, and a banana.

Top right: avocado sandwich, roasted chickpeas, crackers, pasta, carrot and cucumber flowers and strawberries.

Bottom left: left over noodles, car shaped boiled egg, carrot flowers, cucumber slices, mushrooms, dates, rice thins and cheese and an apple (cut into pieces using an apple slicer and secure with a band).

Bottom right: cucumber caterpillar sandwich, sushi, kiwi fruit and a boiled egg. 

If you would like to sponsor future Sustainababy Eco Challenges and introduce your product of brand to a large following of eco parents, please contact info@sustainababy.com.au 

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