10 October 2011

Why Gardening is Great for Kids

By: Caroline Roberts (Gardening 4 Kids)

Gardening is a wonderful activity for children. Not only is it a fun and engaging, it teaches children skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. Here are some of the advantages of gardening for kids:

  1. Gardening actively connects children with nature and helps develops their understanding and empathy for our environment. It can also encourage eco-friendly practises such as composting, recycling and organic food principles.
  2. Growing a garden encourages healthy eating habits. If children grow their own fresh produce they are more likely to eat it. It is also great for teaching children about where their food comes from.
  3. Gardening teaches children about responsibility. When caring for a garden children can experience the rewarding feelings of success when it grows and learn the consequences if it doesn’t.
  4. People, especially children, learn through their senses and gardening stimulates all five senses e.g. tasting new flavours, smelling flowers and herbs and seeing the changes that occur with the seasons.
  5. Gardening encourages communication and cooperation skills amongst children when working with others. It is a great way for children to share their knowledge and skills with other people of all ages.  Gardening is not only a fantastic way for children to learn about science, it is good for developing numeracy and literacy skills too. 
  6. Gardening is great for relaxing children. It is particularly wonderful for children with ADD and ADHD as its multi-sensory nature helps them to focus on the task at hand.

So if you're thinking of beautifying your garden or creating a small vegetable plot, why not get your children involved and let them enjoy all the wonderful benefits of gardening.

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About the Author: Caroline Roberts is mum to an inquisitive toddler, primary school teacher and owner of Gardening 4 Kids. As an environmental educator and gardening specialist, she has a passion for educating children about a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable future.

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