24 October 2011

Create your own box of fun

By: Tanya Fyfe (B.Eng(Environmental))

After reading that sitting babies like to play in boxes, I thought I’d try putting my then 9 month old son in an empty fruit box. Success! He seemed to like is own space and would play happily on his own for... well...minutes. But then I left my husband unsupervised for a day and the box was transformed into a personalised sailing boat!

Boxes are hugely diverse toys that have the added bonus of being reused, reusable and free. If you don’t have any around the house, see if your local shops have some to give away. As Billy grows I look forward to turning this and progressively larger boxes into cars, buses, aeroplanes, cubbies and perhaps a Cinderella carriage? Or maybe that last one should wait for a daughter.

This sailing boat is made entirely of things we had around the house, which will later be reused or recycled. The sail is a cotton wrap secured with nappy pins, the masts are pieces of dowel and the bow (front of the boat) is made from an empty cat food box. Having small children is definitely an opportunity to let your imagination run wild and make the most of things you have around the house.

About the author: Tanya Fyfe is an eco mum and environmental engineer and lives in the WA goldfields with her husband Andy and son Billy. The family’s aim is to live sustainably and for Billy to grow up understanding where food comes from and how it is produced. They generate solar electricity and have an organic vegie garden and modest orchard irrigated entirely with grey water.

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