11 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide: Something I Want ...


1. Junior Heart Pendant by Jellystone Designs; 2. Clatter Musical Toy by Plan Toys; 3. Minimaracas by Deuz; 4. Airplane by Green Toys; 5. Stacking Ring by Plan Toys; 6. 50 Blocks by Plan Toys; 7. Motorik Rattle – Eight by Hess-Spieizeug; 8. Parking Garage by Plan Toys.

Whilst Christmas definitely is the season for giving, without a plan or limits in place, Christmas can quickly turn into the season for giving … and giving … and giving … 

How do you control the temptation to go overboard at Christmas and avoid the seemingly inevitable excess?

In our house, we set limits by using this little ditty with our children:

Something I want, Something I need,

Something to wear, Something to read."

 Over the next four weeks at Sustainababy, we’ll be featuring our gift guide for each of these four ‘somethings’. This week we take a look at “Something I want”.

Something I want” is definitely the most difficult of the four categories for us. With the impact of advertising, the “I want, I want, I want …” in the lead up to Christmas can be overwhelming. We keep redirecting our children with, “Remember, just choose one special thing.”

Ideally we try to ensure that the “I want” is made locally or under Fairtrade conditions, from renewable, recycled or organic material. This year however, the “I want” from our three-year-old is Hot Wheels.

It’s tricky when your three-year-old chooses branded plastic toys, but we are choosing to get around it with a few Hot Wheels cars and this Parking Garage from Plan Toys. I know that this garage is made from quality materials that can withstand the rough and tumble play Master Three is notorious for, and durable enough to be able to be passed down when he’s finished with it [unlike a similar plastic version].

Are you looking for a special toy for your child’s “I Want” list this Christmas? Or perhaps something for a little one in your extended family? Take a look at the eco-friendly, sustainable gift range available in the Sustainababy Eco Store.


From left to right: Hess-Spieizeug Motorik Rattle - Eight; Hess-Spieizeug Rattle - Heart; Hess-Spieizeug Motorik Rattle - Benno.

It’s sometimes difficult coming up with gifts for baby. Although they can’t communicate their wants to you just yet, these wooden rattles made from renewable timber resources by Hess-Spieizeug are sure to be a hit. The rattles are fantastic for developing grasp, listening skills, visual tracking and general play.

Hess-Spieizeug also make a beautiful range of pram toys, available here.


From left to right: Plan Toys Clatter; Plan Toys Tambourine; Plan Toys Oval Xylophone.

This range of durable musical instruments from Plan Toys can really take a beating! All products in the Plan Toys range are made to the stricktest quality standards without compromising the company’s environmental and social responsibilities.

Take a look at these gorgeous organic dolls, just waiting for a cuddle! From left to right:


For the full range of toys made from sustainable materials, visit the toy department in the Sustainababy Online Store here.

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