26 November 2013

NUDE UP this December and WIN!


This December Sustainababy is Eco Challenging you to NUDE UP for your chance to WIN a Nude Food Pack valued at $93.

We're not challenging you to take a midnight dip without your togs (although go right ahead if this is your thing) but instead want you to make it through an entire month without using any plastic wrap, aluminium foil and snap lock bags. Basically we're eco-challenging you to eliminate all unnecessary wrapping from your food.

Eating nude food is not only great for our bodies, it is kind to our environment. Wrapping your child's sandwich in plastic wrap is so 1980's. 2014 is the year of the groovy lunchbox and reusable wrap!

How you Nude Up is entirely up to you but may include:

  • investing in reusable containers to store and transport your food,
  • making (or buying) reusable produce bags to use when shopping for fresh produce,
  • reducing your intake of processed and packaged foods.

Document your journey of discovery through the month for your chance to WIN a Nude Food Pack valued at $93. This pack includes the following essentials to kick start your nude food journey: one Sustain-a-Stacker 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Lunchbox, a packet of three Wrap It Green Reusable Food Wraps and three Lunchbots Dips Condiment Containers.

Keen to do the Eco Challenge? This is what you’ll need to do:

  • Request to join our closed Sustainababy Monthly Eco Challenge Group here.
  • For the month of December eliminate all unnecessary wrapping from your food.
  • Write a short summary of your journey (500 words maximum) and email your summary and photographs with subject line “December Eco Challenge” to info@sustainababy.com.au before midday AEDST Friday 10th January 2014. Please ensure your summary is grammatically correct as the winning summary will be published word for word.
  • The winner will be contacted by email and their summary will be published on our blog no later than 5pm AEDST Wednesday 15th January 2014.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and NUDE UP!  

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23 November 2013

Christmas Eco-friendly Gift Guide Kids (and Giveaway!)

Shopping for children can be overwhelming at the best of times let alone at Christmas when the range on offer is ginormous! To help make your shopping that bit simpler we've compiled our four top eco-friendly kids presents available at Sustainababy and given you the chance to WIN all of them! Each gift is suitable for both girls AND boys so will keep sons, daughters, nieces and nephews happy.

With a long Australian summer ahead of us, the Green Toys Sand Play Set ($33.90) is sure to be a hit. We love the fact it is made from waste (recycled milk containers) itself!

Teddy bears never go out of fashion and the FLATOUTbear ($62) is no exception. Made from Australian lambskin, they are soft, cuddly and oh so cute! Available in several colours including the popular chocolate, honey, milk and latte.

I've yet to meet a child who doesn't enjoy puzzles and the ABC Animals Giant Floor Puzzle ($31.95) from innovativeKIDS is a great unisex educational option. Made from 98% post-consumer recycled materials, it is one puzzle you will feel good about purchasing.

Christmas afternoon is the perfect time for the family to play a game together and Plan Toys Monkey Bowling ($39.90) is bound to be popular with young and old alike!

For your chance to WIN our ENTIRE Christmas Gift Guide, tell us below in 25 words or less your favourite aspect of Christmas with your kids. For a bonus entry, share this Christmas Gift Guide on Facebook or Pinterest.

This competition is now CLOSED. Congratulations to Jillian (entry #9 below) who is our WINNER!

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22 November 2013

Christmas Eco-friendly Gift Guide Baby (and Giveaway!)

There's no denying that Christmas is extra special when there is a baby in the home. To ensure the youngest member of the family is not forgotten this Christmas we've compiled our six top eco-friendly baby presents available at Sustainababy and given you the chance to WIN all of them! Each gift is delightfully unisex, which makes them even more sustainable!

Sophie the Giraffe has been a hit worldwide in recent years and the new So'Pure Sophie The Giraffe Cubes ($22) are quickly gaining in popularity. Brightly coloured and manufactured from 100% natural rubber, they are perfect for baby to develop their fine motor skills by picking and piling them up or throwing and catching them.

The Plan Toys Solid Drum ($37.95) will have your Little Drummer Baby pa rup pa pa pumming all through Christmas and the New Year. When they tire of the drum, they can shake their Minimaracas ($42.90) to the carols instead.

Older babies love nothing more than stacking cups and placing toys in and out of containers. Made from recycled milk containers, the Green Toys Stacking Cups ($20.90) are perfect for this purpose.

Studio Skinky Playon Crayons ($12.90) are one of our favourite toys here at Sustainababy and our Christmas Gift Guide would be incomplete without them. We love that they are just as useful for building towers as they are for colouring in!

Babies can often spend a little more time in the pram or car in the lead up to Christmas due to extra shopping trips or long drives to visit relatives. The Hess-Spielzeug Wooden Pram String - Owls ($34.95) not only brightens up the pram but is a great little toy to keep bub occupied.

For your chance to WIN our ENTIRE Christmas Gift Guide, tell us below in 25 words or less how you will be celebrating Christmas with your baby this year. For a bonus entry, share this Christmas Gift Guide on Facebook or Pinterest.

This competition is now CLOSED. Congratulations to Caitlin (entry #7 below) who is our WINNER! Have a wonderful first Christmas with your baby.

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13 November 2013

Chatting Kids Gardening Tips with Caroline Roberts


I love meeting eco mums with oodles of passion and who walk the talk when it comes to green living. Caroline Roberts, founder and owner of Gardening 4 Kids, is one such inspirational woman.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Caroline in person earlier this year and her love of gardening with children was obvious..... and contagious! As the sponsor of our November Eco Challenge to GET YOUR KIDS GRUBBY, I thought it was about time I caught up with Caroline again to gain some insight on what makes her tick.

When did you develop your love of gardening?
My love of gardening began as a child. My parents and both sets of grandparents had large gardens and I always enjoyed being outside picking fresh fruit and vegies with them. Some of my fondest memories of being a kid involve being outside in the garden with my grandparents and my children now love being outside in the garden with theirs.

What are your favourite activities to get your kids grubby outside?
This is a tricky question to answer as I have so many! I really love exploring the garden with my kids. I love helping develop their sense of wonder so I always encourage them to use all of their senses when we are outside.  We love looking at, touching, smelling and tasting interesting flowers and vegies. We enjoy listening to and noticing who is visiting our garden such as birds and insects. We also love exploring the compost pile and the worm farm – there are so many interesting creatures that live within them. Jumping in muddy puddles is always fun too!

What do you grow in your garden?
We have a lot growing in our garden at the moment –peas, chillies, celery, tomatoes, silverbeet, beetroot, potatoes, strawberries, blueberries and herbs. We also have orange, peach and olive trees. We are growing chamomile to make our own organic tea which both the kids and I love to drink. We also grow a lot of flowers the kids can pick and play with – lavender, fuchsias, marigolds and nasturtiums are our favourites.

What is your best tip for parents to get their kids outside gardening?
My number one tip for getting the kids outside and gardening is - make it fun for them. Encourage their sense of imagination and wonder. Go exploring with them and ask them questions that begin with “What do you think will happen if…...” and “Why do you think….?
Also give your children responsibility and ownership of an area in the garden. It doesn’t need to be a large spot – even a pot or a planter box will do. Help them choose their own plants to grow and provide them with the correct equipment (including gloves and tools) that is age and size appropriate.

What are the best plants for kids to grow?
I think the best plants for kids are one they can actually see grow and also produce relatively quick results. Rainbow silverbeet is a great vegie for kids; it is fast growing, colourful and very versatile when it comes to cooking. Herbs are also wonderful. They smell amazing, they are interesting to touch, they are quick to grow and they can be used in a wide range of recipes. Finally, both peas and strawberries are always popular and easy for kids to grow. Be warned though – they rarely make it inside before they are gobbled up by little green thumbs!

Caroline Roberts is a primary school environmental education teacher, gardening specialist, mum to two gorgeous kids and owner of Gardening 4 Kids. She is passionate about helping children learn how to live a sustainable and healthy life through gardening.

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10 November 2013

October Eco Challenge WINNER

By: Tanya Minotti

Tanya Minotti completed the Sustainababy October Eco Challenge to help Australia’s Native Wildlife. This is the story of her journey...........

During October I adopted a “little penguin” Backyard Buddy from The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. Our Backyard Buddy is roughly the same size as a live “little penguin” and it came with a fact sheet and adoption certificate. I gave our little penguin to my 8 year old daughter.

Little penguins were once quite common. Their choice of habitat means they live in close proximity to humans, which has caused their numbers to diminish. Adopting a Backyard Buddy for a cost helps The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife raise funds to assist many species, such as the little penguin, who struggle to compete for the same habitat as humans.

To help our native wildlife in an ongoing capacity I also completed a one-day basic rescue and transport volunteer course through Wildlife Victoria. I passed the assessment and am now awaiting my first call out as a Wildlife Victoria volunteer. My job will involved rescuing injured wildlife that members of the public notify Wildlife Victoria about, taking the animal to a vet or a wildlife carer for rehabilitation and releasing them back into their habitat. I am looking forward to this new challenge!

Congratulations Tanya! We love the fact that you have not only educated your daughter in the importance of conserving little penguins but you’ve taken the eco challenge further than the month of October by training as a wildlife rescue and transport volunteer. Well done! You have won the Formosa Design organic cotton and hemp "Black Cockatoo" Cross Body Fold Bag valued at $119 for your efforts!

Thank you to Formosa Design for sponsoring the Sustainababy October Eco Challenge. If you would like to sponsor future Sustainababy Eco Challenges and introduce your eco product to our large following of eco parents, please contact info@sustainababy.com.au.

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