5 November 2012

Eco-friendly Baby Bath Toys

By: Tanya Fyfe (BEng(Environmental))


Reuse everyday household items to jazz up your baby or toddlers bath time

My nearly 2-year-old son has a bath full of bath toys, but we have never bought him one. There is a smattering of commercial bath toys that we have been given, mainly as hand-me-downs. But most of his favourites are items diverted from the recycling bin.

Some we have discovered are:

  • empty plastic drink bottles – various sizes, some with a skewer hole near the base for smoother pouring
  • empty body wash and shampoo bottles – pump tops are extra amusing, and double as durable straws for blowing bubbles
  • plastic food containers – eg margarine – some intact and one with lots of skewer holes in the bottom to make ‘rain’
  • unused cups, and scoops from laundry detergent.

These items can be used to practice pouring, making things float or sink, blowing bubbles, making an assortment of noises and our current favourite, making a ‘tall tower’… followed by a ‘huge splash’!

About the Author: Tanya Fyfe is an eco mum and environmental engineer and lives in the WA Goldfields with her husband Andy and son Billy. The family's aim is to live sustainably and for Billy to grow up understanding where food comes from and how it is produced. They generate solar electricity and have an organic vegetable garden and modest orchard irrigated entirely with grey water.

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