16 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Six to Twelve Months

Buying presents for babies in the six to twelve month age group can be tricky. Most are sitting well, some are crawling and others are off and walking! To make your choice that bit easier this Christmas, we have compiled some of the most popular organic and eco-friendly gifts for six to 12 month old babies available at Sustainababy. From the Plan Toys Roller to Keptin Jr Sneeky Rattle, these products are sure to please.

1. Plan Toys Roller $19.95

2. Anne-Claire Petit for Clucky Hand Crocheted Giraffe $65

3. Dandelion Organic Busy Block $45.95

4. Plan Toys Activity Blocks $37.95

5. Keptin Jr Rattle Sneeky - Navy Stripes $29.95

6. Green Toys Stacker $24.95


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