27 November 2011

Babywearing - A Personal Experience

By: Tanya Fyfe (B.Eng(Environmental))

Babywearing is the practice of carrying a baby on your person using some form of sling or baby carrier. During my son’s first year I found this to be a hugely valuable and versatile parenting tool and I’d like to share some of my experiences with you.

Before I get stuck into my own story, please be aware that there are a range of slings and carriers available, or you can make your own. There is alot of information available online, in magazines and in the parenting community about babywearing, types of carriers and safely advice. Please do some research if you think babywearing may be helpful for you. Selecting the right equipment will have a huge impact on your babywearing enjoyment.

The beginning:
We were given a basic front carrier before Billy was born, and used it a bit when he was tiny but not very much because it gave me sore shoulders even then. This nearly put me off babywearing but I liked the concept so I began to investigate other options. I tried the ERGObaby carrier after a recommendation from Laura at Sustainababy and haven’t looked back. We wore him occasionally on the front until around 6 months, but it really came into its own once he was big enough to go on my back and become truly ‘hands free’. I love the ERGO because it is comfy to wear for extended periods even now that Billy is nearly one and weighs over 11kg. We use it most days.


How we use our baby carrier:

  • The main place I use our carrier is around the house. You know those times when all baby wants is to be cuddled by Mummy, but there are still things you have to do? Wearing your baby (especially on your back) allows them to relax close to Mum and ‘be in on the action’ while still allowing you to do what you need to do. I often put Billy in the carrier while tidying, doing the dishes, hanging out the washing and cooking tea (being very aware of safety risks like hot or sharp things). Until recently, Billy was scared of loud noises like vacuum cleaners and blenders unless he was being cuddled or in the carrier. He sometimes goes to sleep in the carrier, but usually he is happy ‘just chilling’ for a while.
  • Great for travelling, airport transfers, public transport and anywhere a pram would be unwieldy. An added bonus is that you can breastfeed on the go in many front carriers, which I found handy when Billy was younger. 
  •  Excellent back-up for when you discover the pram has a puncture just as you’re trying to leave the house! Some advocates of babywearing say it can completely replace a pram. This may be true in the city, but I much prefer my pram for daily walks as it gives better sun protection, allows me to jog if I feel like it and even carries home the groceries.
  • Billy has also ‘helped out’ in the percussion section of our local Brass Band, on Daddy’s front or back.

Babywearing is a versatile parenting tool that can be used in many different ways to complement any lifestyle and parenting style. Maybe it can work for you!

About the Author: Tanya Fyfe is an eco mum and environmental engineer and lives in the WA goldfields with her husband Andy and son Billy. The family’s aim is to live sustainably and for Billy to grow up understanding where food comes from and how it is produced. They generate solar electricity and have an organic vegie garden and modest orchard irrigated entirely with grey water.

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22 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Four to Six Years

Children between four and six years seem to be forever on the go. We've selected our most popular organic and eco-friendly products for this age group to help you choose the perfect gift this Christmas. Encourage outdoor play with the Green Toys Jump Rope or Ecosaucer or keep them amused for hours indoors with the Plan Toys Noah's Ark and Activity Clock or Bajo Train. 

1. Plan Toys Noah's Ark - $94.95

2. Plan Toys Activity Clock - $54.95

3. Bajo Wooden Train To Build - $99.95

4. Green Toys Jump Rope - $19.95

5. Green Toys Ecosaucer - $14.95

6. Innate Vite Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottle - $19.95

7. Apple & Bee Organic Kids Pencil Case Red - $19.95




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21 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Two to Four Years

Pre-schoolers are a creative bunch and love exploring their world. We've taken the hard work out of shopping for this age group this Christmas with our selection of popular organic and eco-friendly products available at Sustainababy below. We'll guarantee even the most discerning child will be pleased!

1. Eco-Kids Eco-Paint (canister of five colours) - $43.95

2. Green Toys Tea Set - $49.95

3. Plan Toys Tower Tumbling - $31.95

4. Apple & Bee Kids Satchel Blue Pennyfarthing - $30.95

5. Mimi the Sardine Organic Apron Flora Blue - $34.95

6. Eco-Kids Eco-Art Pad $14.95

7. Studio Skinky Playon Crayon (box of 12 colours) - $12.90

8. Green Toys Sand Play Set - $31.95




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17 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - One to Two Years

Selecting gifts for toddlers can be alot of fun. By now, children's personalities are shining through and you'll have a fair idea of what the child likes. Here are a few of our best selling organic and eco-friendly products for children aged between one and two years. We're sure they'll go down a treat!

1. Keptin Jr Baby Doll Girly Fuchsia $79.95

2. Deuz Tapikid Organic Cotton Playmat Green $79.95 

3. Plan Toys Solid Drum $37.95

4. Plan Toys Pull-Along Snail $39.95

5. Innate Vite Toddler Water Bottle Ballet Pink $19.95

6. SoYoung Insulated Cooler Bag Turquoise Scooter $29.95

7. Left Hand Make Small One Childrens Table and Chairs $510

8. Green Toys Fire Truck $49.95


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16 November 2011

Christmas Gift Guide - Six to Twelve Months

Buying presents for babies in the six to twelve month age group can be tricky. Most are sitting well, some are crawling and others are off and walking! To make your choice that bit easier this Christmas, we have compiled some of the most popular organic and eco-friendly gifts for six to 12 month old babies available at Sustainababy. From the Plan Toys Roller to Keptin Jr Sneeky Rattle, these products are sure to please.

1. Plan Toys Roller $19.95

2. Anne-Claire Petit for Clucky Hand Crocheted Giraffe $65

3. Dandelion Organic Busy Block $45.95

4. Plan Toys Activity Blocks $37.95

5. Keptin Jr Rattle Sneeky - Navy Stripes $29.95

6. Green Toys Stacker $24.95


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