23 May 2012

Gift Ideas for Second Time Mums

By: Lisa Gogoll (BEng(Environmental))

Buying gifts for second time mums can be difficult, especially when they seem to already have everything for baby. Here Lisa shares her simple and practical gift ideas for second time mums. 

Many of my friends are having babies in the next few months, so I need to try and work out what gifts to give them.  I’d really like to give these families something that is not just for the baby, but the whole family and is also thoughtful, practical and budget friendly.  This is especially the case for my friends having their second child as they already have quite a lot of baby items.

When I think back to gifts we received when both our kids were born, the first things that come to mind are the yummy meals cooked for us by friends and family.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very appreciative of the gorgeous clothes, books and toys given to the children, but it’s the meals that were so, so helpful (oh and the boxes of hand-me-down clothes, which meant we were set until size 3!).  Not having to cook meant that we could tend to the new baby and also spend time with our older child.

So I’m keeping gifts simple for this round of babies – I’ll do some cooking and give meals to the families (with enough for leftovers). For the baby, I’ll give something small, preferably hand-made and for the older child(ren), something that will keep them entertained (puzzle, colouring or sticker books fit the bill here!). Not only does it feel good to be baking for others, but I know it will be something that will be appreciated. I can’t promise a fancy, gourmet meal, but I can make sure it will be something filling and the families won’t have masses of dishes to clean up. And where possible, I’ll try to give some time to help out where needed, be it chores round the house or entertaining the older sibling(s).

About the Author: Lisa Reid is an eco mum and environmental engineer and resides in Melbourne with her husband Tim and children Jacob (2) and Edith (6 months). Lisa is working to reduce her family's eco footprint by growing her own vegetables, using less chemicals and making her home energy efficient.  

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