12 March 2014

February Eco Challenge WINNER

Natalie Davies completed the Sustainababy February Earth Greetings Eco Challenge to RE-WRAP IT. This eco challenge encouraged participants to use recycled materials when wrapping a gift or sending a greeting card for the entire month of February.

The February RE-WRAP IT Eco Challenge was a great excuse to get crafty.

During February we did not have too many opportunities to re-wrap it so over the month I thought of all the opportunities throughout the year there are to re-wrap. Planning and preparing ahead for future celebrations and occasions where gifts and cards are given was the challenge we have now taken on for the year. I now ensure all my daughters arts pieces and drawing are kept regardless of their size to help in this process.

Part of my planning ahead saw my daughter already making Christmas cards. As Christmas has not long passed luckily we hadn't recycled our old cards yet. We cut out pictures and sayings to use to make new cards for this year. Some of the stuff we cut out we might use to even decorate paper for wrapping or stick to plain gift bags.

We also cut out various pictures and sayings from old cards to make new cards for different occasions, such as pictures from my old baby shower cards to make birthday cards. We used plain cardboard that came as packaging and paper/card with my daughters’ drawings on them as the base of the cards. We then decorated the rest of the card with various other craft items I already had.

One thing I do in general is keep old gift bags and reuse them. I now am a little more inspired so have started collecting plain paper bags to dress up and use as gift bags. I can now decorate them to suit the occasion and I think this makes the gift a little more personal.

I even tried not giving a card at all and instead using a sharpie to write directly onto the wrapping paper or gift bag.

For Valentine’s Day my husband I decided to make a special meal for each other as our gift. He purchased the ingredients and made a special main and I did the same for dessert. I set the table as if we out at a restaurant. It was a fun night full of delicious food and no wrapping was necessary.

This eco challenge has got me thinking more about using and reusing what we already have rather than purchasing new stuff. I (and I think so has my daughter) have enjoyed seeing the look on family and friends faces when they have received their personalised cards. The RE-WRAP IT eco challenge has motivated me to continue along this path in the future.

That's my month all re-wrapped up!

Congratulations Natalie! It's great to see that you not only applied the eco challenge to the month of February but have planned how you can maintain the momentum to RE-WRAP IT throughout the remainder of the year and beyond. For your efforts you have won a $100 Earth Greetings gift voucher to spend on cards and wrapping paper made in Australia from 100% post-consumer waste. Enjoy!

Thank you to Earth Greetings for sponsoring the February Eco Challenge. If you would like to sponsor future Sustainababy Eco Challenges and introduce your product or brand to our large following of eco parents, please contact info@sustainababy.com.au.

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