27 March 2013

pop in Car Seat Protector Giveaway


For many Australians, especially those living in regional areas, travelling long distances is a way of life. Having lived in Outback Australia for over 13 years, popping Mr 3 years and Mr 10 months in the car and driving the 600km to Adelaide has become second nature. I must admit though, the trip is a different ball game altogether when undertaken with a toilet training toddler.

Asking a child to "just hold on" until the next public toilet just doesn't work in the Outback where it's not unusual for rest areas to be more than 100 kms apart. Public toilets or even a roadhouse are even further again! It's hard enough for mums who can't quite hold on as long as we could before childbirth to last the distance, let alone a two year old!

For the times when public amenities aren't nearby and you can't immediately pull over and whip the potty out of the boot, the pop in car seat protector provides peace of mind. While they are fantastic for providing peace of mind on our country roads, I imagine they would be just as useful when stuck in traffic in our major cities.

Made from 100% polyester laminate with a fleece insert, the pop in car seat protector makes light work of soaking up any unexpected accidents. Available in several funky styles, they retail for $22, a tiny price compared to the price of the car seat they are protecting.

Sustainababy has one pop in car seat protector in grey to giveaway to a lucky follower. This competition has now closed. Congratulations to our winner Melissa Jones!

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