25 June 2014

Ecotain with a Generous Party


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If you’re reading this, then chances are that you are among the thousands of other eco-parents in the Sustainababy e-Community who are actively concerned about reducing waste to create a sustainable future for their children.   
This month at Sustainababy, we are talking about ‘Ecotaining’ – the art of showing hospitality to your guests without having long-term impacts on the environment. We have already shared our top tips for hosting a memorable birthday party that is kinder to the environment, but there is no question that the topic of ‘presents’ sends a wave of dread through even the most experienced EcoceptionalTM parent.
As a party host, many parents choose to include the request for ‘no gifts’ on their invitations. In the context of a birthday celebration though, our modern culture often leaves guests feeling uncomfortable arriving empty-handed (particularly to a child’s birthday party). Requesting a donation to charity in lieu of gifts is noble, but how do you explain the lack of gifts to a small child? This is particularly true if your child has recently been to another birthday party where the pile of presents was large.
If you can relate to this dilemma, then the team at Generous Party have come up with a solution that may suit you – the ability for your guests to donate to charity, pool their resources for a gift for the birthday child, while reducing the long-term impact on the environment. Clever!
With three children of their own, the creators of Generous Party know first-hand that gifts from birthdays and other occasions can accumulate quickly, regardless of the good intentions from kind family and friends.
Based in Australia, Generous Party is an online birthday party planner that gives parents an opportunity to teach their children to be grateful for the things they have, to learn to give back to those in need, and to choose one meaningful and lasting gift to celebrate their birthday.
This is how it works:
  •  Parents and the birthday child (the ‘party hosts’) can plan their party by choosing from a variety of online invitations available on the Generous Party website;
  • The parent and child then choose one charity to support;
  • Party invitations are sent to guests via email (better for the environment) and instead of bringing a wrapped gift purchased in a shop, guests are asked to make a secure online gift contribution on the Generous Party website;
  • All gift contributions from guests are then pooled. After deducting an administration fee, Generous Party sends half the party proceeds to the Party Host to purchase a gift for their child, and the remaining half to their charity or charities of choice.
There is an RSVP management function for both the party planners and attendees, where details such as allergies or other special requirements can be conveyed.  Following the party, the host can select thank you e-cards to email to their guests.
Benefits of hosting a Generous Party:
  • Easy for busy parents (both host and guests);
  • The celebration becomes more about making a difference to the lives of others, eliminating waste and teaching children the value of quality versus quantity;
  • Eco-friendly by cutting back on unnecessary use of paper used in cards, invites, gift wrapping and unwanted gifts;
  • Instead of receiving lots of small gifts that children may not want or need, the birthday child will receive one special gift from all of their guests.
Take the hassle out of ecotaining and consider Generous Party as a solution for your next special event.

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