5 June 2014

101 Small Things: A real life eco journey

Hi. My name is Belinda, but my friends call me Bel, and you can too. This month, I am super excited to be joining the team at Sustainababy.

When Laura first approached me about sharing my Eco Journey, I couldn’t fathom ‘why’. I’m not an Environmental Engineer. I’m not an Eco Warrior nor Eco Mum, not a Tree Hugger nor a Greenie.

In fact, the first time someone suggested to me that I was doing something close to being ‘Environmentally Friendly’ was when I chose to use cloth nappies for my first baby. We were living in Darwin at the time. It was hot. Far too hot to be in plastic and heck, I just thought that my baby looked too darn cute with that cloth covered bottom of his! I wasn’t thinking about ‘landfill’ or any such serious matters.

It was then that I was really prompted to think about the type of future that I wanted for my children. A sustainable future. But the damage was done, and it wasn’t like anything that I did was going to make any significant difference in my children’s lives. So I plundered on. An Eco Assailant.

Then 12 months ago we moved from Darwin to country New South Wales. My husband and our two children, one aged two and one just seven months old. We were surrounded by organic farmers, neighbours with chickens and veggie patches, and friends living in architecturally designed houses with self-composting toilets. Eeeeek!

A friend then invited [dared] me to participate in the Sustainababy EcoChallenge. Somehow along the lines we ended up with our own chickens. We started using our bikes for transport and discovered we were shopping with cloth bags. We found ourselves at Farmers Markets on the weekend and seeking out organic produce … then suddenly all those small things were starting to add up …

… and then Laura Trotta (the leading voice on eco-parenting for goodness sake!) was asking me (little ‘ol me!) to share my Eco Journey. A real life, tell-it-like-it-is, warts-and-all journey from Eco Assailant to EcoceptionalTM Mum.

But please don’t be mistaken. My eco journey has only just begun. I’m definitely not anywhere close to EcoceptionalTM status just yet. There is still a long road to travel.

I hope that you will join me on this journey, as I road test 101 small things that we can do to help the environment. I look forward to sharing our success stories, our Eco Tips, the secrets of being a real life EcoceptionalTM Mum … oh, and did I mention our EcoFlops? Well, I did say that I would be keeping it ‘real’ didn’t I? Stay tuned – I will need all the help I can get.

Bel x

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