10 June 2011

How to Upcycle your Bunny Rugs into a Shaggy Quilt

By: Bree Galbraith (B.Sc (Env))

Ever wondered what you are going to do with all those beautiful bunny rugs that hold so many memories of your little treasure? Don’t throw them out, turn them into rags or even pass them on – Up-cycle them!! That way you’ve got true value for money, can remember those swaddled cuddles forever and have a new sustainable product, all in one!

Angus as a baby swaddled in his bunny rug

Only basic sewing skills are required to make a “shaggy” quilt as it conveniently disguises any mismatched edges with its out-turned seems. You can make any size quilt and use just about any material type, even mix and match if you choose! Use pure wool fibre wadding for maximum warmth and sustainability and browse through your local opp-shop if you're short on fabric. 

The pattern can be random or organised and the construction of the “Shaggy Quilt” is easy:

  1. Cut your material into square pieces all of the same size ensuring you have enough for front and back.
  2. Cut wool wadding about 2cm square smaller than your material squares (eg if material squares are 15cm in length, your wadding should be 13cm) ensuring you have enough for each patch.
  3. Sandwich a smaller wadding square between a front and back material square ensuring the wadding is evenly centred within the sandwich and the fabric pattern is facing out on each side.
  4. Sew diagonally from one corner to the other corner and again to make a cross – joining all three pieces together.
  5. Continue step 4 for all patches.
  6. Join all patches in their designated lines then join all lines together (as per pre-determined layout/design), ensuring that raw seams are facing to the front side.
  7. When all together, snip along each out-turned seam (every 5mm or so down towards the stitch so as not cutting too close to the stitching) – this provides an extra “shaggy” edge and soft look along each seam.
  8. Wash and dry – your lovely up-cycled shaggy bunny quilt is complete!


Angus' bunny rug quilt on his 'big' bed

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