6 July 2010

Make Your Own Teething Rusks

Rusks have been used for generations to ease the discomfort of small teeth cutting through tender gums.

If you have never contemplated making your own rusks, you will be surprised how easy and cheap they are to make and wonder why you ever bought packaged ones.

By following the simple steps below you will not only make a large batch of rusks, but save dollars, packaging materials and fuel in the process. And your baby will thank you for it!

1 loaf (or six rolls) of unbleached, organic sourdough bread (or rice bread for babies not yet on wheat)


  • Preheat oven to 120⁰C.
  • Slice loaf into 2cm thick slices. Divide each slice into strips also measuring roughly 2cm.
  • Place strips on tray lined with baking paper and cook for one hour or until hard and dry.
  • Rusks will keep indefinitely in an airtight container.

Note: for safety, always supervise your child when chewing on rusks. Baby should always eat solids in an upright position. Discard rusk if broken or chewed.

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5 July 2010

Welcome to Our Blog!

This is where I'll be sharing many tips on how to be a sustainable parent in today’s modern world. From instructions on how to make your own baby items, to researched information to help you make informed choices on baby products, your eco parenting journey starts here.

I'm the first to admit that becoming a parent changes everything - it has for me. While I’ve always been “into” the environment, my parenting journey has only recently begun. With the birth of my son in 2009, my focus quickly shifted from being an environmental engineer to a protective mother wanting the best for her child. I care about what I bathe my son in, what garments I clothe him in, what toys he chews on and what food goes into his mouth. I care for his health, but also for the world he grows up in. I am also mindful of the vast amounts of additional waste that many households create once a baby comes along and am determined for our household not to follow suit.

I question the excessive consumerism that seems to accompany having a baby in this day and age. The over abundance of plastic toys that fill department stores and baby shops, and plastic nappies and jars of tasteless baby food that line our supermarket shelves, just scream waste to me. Waste of the precious non-renewable resources of oil used to make and transport such products, as well as the packaging materials encasing these items. It seems that babies nowadays have more “things” to clutter their lives and entertain them than babies in generations prior. I know that I’m not the first parent to think that surely it doesn’t have to be this way.

Conveniences such as disposable nappies, plastic toys, baby wipes and commercial baby food didn’t exist over 50 years ago. And neither did the huge amounts of waste that accompany them. By adopting many of the forgotten parenting practices of our grandparent’s day we can all save thousands of dollars and help save our planet.

And so, I welcome you to Sustainababy’s Blog. I hope that by sharing eco parenting tips and information you become inspired to make some changes, however small, to your parenting to ensure your baby is a “Sustainababy.” If enough of us make such changes, together we can leave this world in a better condition for our children and grandchildren.



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