26 February 2014

Reduce your FOOD WASTE this March and WIN

If your household resembles that of an average Australian household, food is the single largest component of your waste. In fact, chances are you are tossing up to 30% of the food you purchase; a staggering 315 kilograms per year at a total cost of over $1000!
Every time we throw out food we're not just wasting money. We're discarding the vast amounts of resources, energy and water that it took to produce, process, store, refrigerate, transport and cook the food. Rotting food in landfill gives off methane, a greenhouse gas that is particularly damaging to our environment. Quite literally, FOOD WASTE STINKS!
The good news is that you can become more mindful of the food you waste and be in a position where you can actively start to reduce it.
This month, Sustainababy is eco challenging you to Reduce Your Food Waste for a chance to WIN a Tupperware VentSmart prize pack. The pack includes a VentSmart Everyday Set, VentSmart Large High Set and a VentSmart Small Set with a combined RRP of $235. 
Keeping food fresh has never been so easy! The cleverly designed VentSmart range features a unique air control venting system which helps regulate the air inside the containers to prolong the life of your fruit and vegetables simply by adjusting the slide controls to close, open or half open. The containers also feature a unique deep channelled base to keep food away from condensation, and an illustrated food chart sticker so you'll never forget how to correctly store your produce.
The result? Optimal storage conditions for your vegetables and fruits which keeps them fresher for longer and reduces your food waste! I personally have been using these containers for 14 years and can testify to their outstanding performance and durability.

How you reduce your food waste this month is entirely up to you but may include:

  • Planning your meals and shopping list
  • Sticking to your shopping list
  • Rotating food  in your fridge, freezer and pantry to ensure you use older stock first
  • Storing your food correctly to prolong its shelf life
  • Smartening up your cooking skills and reusing ingredients and leftovers in the kitchen
  • Reducing your portion sizes
  • Giving waste another life.


Keen to do the Eco Challenge? This is what you’ll need to do:

  • Request to join our closed Sustainababy Monthly Eco Challenge Facebook Group here. In this group you'll meet heaps of other like-minded ecoceptional mums doing the eco challenges who can help you along the way.
  • For the month of March make an effort to reduce your food waste.
  • If you'd like to be in the running for the Tupperware VentSmart prize pack, you will need to tell us how you reduced your food waste throughout March. You can either do this by (1) creating a video and posting the link on our Facebook page, (2) blogging about the Sustainababy March Food Waste Stinks on your personal Blog (and posting the link to our Facebook page) OR (3) emailing a short summary of your journey (500 words maximum) and supporting photographs with subject line "March Eco Challenge” to info@sustainababy.com.au before midday AEDST Wednesday 9th April 2014. Please ensure your summary is grammatically correct as the winning summary will be published word for word on the Sustainababy Blog.


The winner will be contacted by email and their summary will be published on our blog no later than 5pm AEDST Wednesday 16th April 2014. Sorry, our March Eco Challenge is only open to Australian residents.

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