21 February 2012

Restore Old Childrens Furniture for a Second Life

By Tanya Fyfe (BEng(Environmental))

Rather than purchasing a nursery of new furniture for your baby or child, consider restoring pre-loved furniture to give the piece a second life

It’s easy to think that if you have tired old furniture sitting around, you need to get rid of it and invest in something nicer.  But have you considered restoring your old furniture instead? Something as simple as a bright coat of paint can make an amazing difference, and doesn’t require any special skills. As well as saving you money, this can minimise your environmental footprint by diverting materials from landfill and avoiding the materials, manufacturing and transport impacts associated with purchasing new furniture.


Until recently, I hadn’t restored any furniture before, but was in possession of a tired old bookcase we bought years ago, second hand.  We also had some bright yellow paint left over from a previous project, so I decided to give the little bookcase a facelift. The aim was to make a bright bookcase to house my son Billy’s toys and books. After a quick sanding and a couple of coats of paint, I am quite pleased with the result.

What do you think?

About the Author: Tanya Fyfe is an eco mum and environmental engineer and lives in the WA goldfields with her husband Andy and son Billy. The family’s aim is to live sustainably and for Billy to grow up understanding where food comes from and how it is produced. They generate solar electricity and have an organic vegie garden and modest orchard irrigated entirely with grey water.

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