31 December 2011

What Is Your New Year Eco Resolution?

By: Laura Trotta (BEng(Enviro), MSc(Enviro Chem))

New Years Eve is a time when many of us reflect on the year that’s ending and establish goals for the year ahead. Spending more time with family and friends, weight loss, getting fit, getting out of debt or quitting smoking or drinking are top of the list for many Australians.

With the growing need for more people to take action to improve the environmental health of our planet (and our families), the time to add an eco goal to your New Year’s resolution list is now.

It doesn’t need to be anything grand like switching your hot water service to solar or installing rain water tanks (although these measure sure do help). Simple measures like better meal planning to reduce your take away meals, removing your family’s dependency on plastic bags and cling wrap, starting a family vegetable patch, repairing clothes when they are damaged rather than buying new ones, or simply drinking tap water in a decent water bottle rather than buying bottled water, all help to improve your environmental footprint .

The past few months my husband and I have made an effort to reduce clutter in our home and develop systems to improve the efficiency of our household. It sounds a little boring, but my New Year Eco Resolution is to continue with our process of organisation to enable us to live more sustainably.

Being more organised allows us to plan our meals and shop once a week to a list. This reduces unnecessary (time wasting) trips to the shops and the likelihood of us buying and having excess food and waste in the house. Decluttering our belongings has enabled us to donate many functional items to charity while providing more room in our home. And having a clearly defined list of who does what job on what day has enabled us to create more family time on the weekends.

We still have a long way to go to achieve our efficient home but keeping this goal number one on our New Year’s list will ensure we’re well on top of things when our new family addition arrives in about five months time.

I would love to know your New Year eco resolution!

About the Author: Laura Trotta (BEng (Enviro), MSc (Enviro Chem)) is an eco mum, environmental engineer and founder of Sustainababy. She lives in regional South Australia with her husband Paul and son Matthew.

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