13 December 2011

Our Christmas Tree Story

With our son’s December birthday now behind us, I’ve started to turn my focus to our household’s Christmas preparations. Assembling and decorating our Christmas Tree was naturally first on the list.

I always enjoy decorating our modest tree. Every ornament has its own story and brings back memories of when it was given to me, the person who crafted it or where I was when I made the purchase. It makes our tree unique and special to us, a feeling I’m sure most families have about their Christmas Tree.

With the exception of a few baubles, all the ornaments on our tree are handmade. Here’s the story behind a few of my favourites:

Stuffed Santa Star
Crafted for me by my late Nan, this is my favourite decoration. It always gets placed at the top of the tree to signal its sentimental value.


Handcrafted Wooden Banksia Bauble
Purchased at an art exhibition near the country town I grew up in Eastern Victoria, this bauble reminds me of the lovely Banksia trees that are plentiful in the Gippsland Lakes area, one of my favourite holiday destinations. I love the character and smell of this piece.


Beaded Bauble and Snow Flake
Crafted by my talented 90-something year old Great Aunty Bet, these ornaments are intricate, detailed and the snow flake in particular is so exquisite!


Soft Drink Can Bells
While working in a mission in the Philippines last year, my younger sister purchased these ‘Crafts for a Cause’ ornaments. By turning rubbish into sellable items, the men and women of Maricaban, Pasay City are able to make a livelihood.

Wise King
Crafted from New Zealand Paua Shell, I purchased a set of three Wise Kings while on holiday in the Bay of Islands with my husband. This ornament brings back the lovely memories of that holiday – our last holiday before we became parents!


Quilted Christmas Tree
While this decoration is not technically on our tree, I wanted to include it in this list as it is displayed every Christmas in our household and was crafted for me by my mother.


What ornaments on your Christmas Tree are special to you? Do you also cherish reliving the memories when you put your Christmas Tree up every year?


About the Author: Laura Trotta (BEng (Enviro), MSc (Enviro Chem)) is an eco mum, environmental engineer and founder of Sustainababy. She lives in regional South Australia with her husband Paul and son Matthew.

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