17 August 2014

Where are they now: Reformed Eco Assailant




This month at Sustainababy it's all about being Eco Inspirational, as we celebrate 12 months of Eco Challenge success stories. In this series, Where are they now, we are catching up with our previous challenge winners to find out what they are up to.

Bel Doyle was the winner of our Buy Australian Made Eco Challenge in August last year. A self-professed eco assailant, Bel joined in the challenge as a dare. A year later and things are quite different. Bel is now a regular contributor at Sustainababy. Here’s how it started:

Sustainababy: Followers of Sustainababy may have already read your story, but for those who are new, tell us a little about yourself.

Bel: I am stay-at-home Mum to Paddy (three) and Frankie (almost two). We have been living in Bungendore, New South Wales, for the past year (not too far from Canberra), but are currently smack bang in the middle of a cross-country move to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

SB: What made you decide to participate in the Sustainababy Eco Challenge?

BD: Honestly? It was a bit of a dare from a friend who didn’t think that I could do anything ‘Eco’. Being an ex-Roxby girl, I’ve been following the Sustainababy journey since its inception, never in a million years thinking that I would actually participate. Being Green just seemed too hard. But with lots of support from the extended Sustainababy online community through the Eco Challenge forum, online resources and sharing through Facebook and Twitter, I did … and then I did some more … and suddenly I became ‘one of those Mums’ (the Green kind!).

SB: And your biggest eco achievement this past year?

BD: Detoxing our home as part of the Sustainababy Home Detox Boot Camp. You know that I was skeptical about the whole thing when I signed up, but it actually worked! Even Mr Eco Assailant is on board with most of the changes … except for the suds free dishwashing detergent. We still have a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ version. We are a work in progress!

SB: What’s currently on your eco ‘To Do’ list?

BD: Re-establishing our backyard farm at our new place! Whilst living in Bungendore I have established a fantastic veggie patch and I am sad to say goodbye to our lovely Araucana chooks. I have quite a few plans for all those pallets and boxes that will be used to move our stuff though, so stay tuned for an update or two on the blog.

SB: Have you had any Eco Fails or embarrassing moments attached to your eco efforts?

BD: Ha ha … you want me to choose just one? OK. I was recently trying to prove to my other half that popping popcorn in the saucepan the old fashioned way is MUCH better than all the packaging associated with the microwave variety … and I set fire to the kitchen! I will tell you about bottles of home made tomato sugo exploding in the middle of the night another time ;) #ecofail

If you would like to get involved with the Sustainababy Be Eco Inspirational Eco Challenge this month, you can read all the details here.

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