14 August 2014

Where are they now: Re-Wrapping It!


This month at Sustainababy it's all about being Eco Inspirational, as we celebrate 12 months of Eco Challenge success stories. In this series, Where are they now, we are catching up with our previous challenge winners to find out what they are up to. 

Natalie Davies was the winner of the popular Re-Wrap It Eco Challenge, using recycled materials when wrapping a gift and sending a greeting card for the entire month of February. In this post we hear about Natalie’s life and projects since her challenge win – including a new addition to her family!

Sustainababy: So can you tell us a little about yourself Natalie?

Natalie: I live in the northern suburbs of Adelaide with my husband, miss two year old and mr three week old.

SB: Congratulations on baby number two! So many of our past Eco Challenge winners have had, or are preparing for new babes since their wins. What made you decide to join the Eco Challenge?

ND: I decided to join as I was interested in challenging the way we live. I was especially interested in tips for improving our quality of life for our children. We are the biggest role models for our children so I wish to impart eco values while they are young.

SB: What did you find most difficult about participating in the challenges?

ND: It takes time to establish some of the practices. Like buying Australian made, removing chemicals hosting Eco parties and Giving Eco gifts.

SB: What other challenges have you been inspired to tackle as a result of participating in the monthly eco challenges?

ND: Since starting the challenges we have started a herb garden project and have plans for a massive veggie garden on our backyard.

SB: What were some of the overall benefits of your eco challenge participation?

ND: We as a family are much more conscious of being more self reliant and watching our environmental impact.

SB: Hooray! That’s what we like to hear. Would you recommend these challenges to others?

ND: I would recommend the challenges to others as we all could do with being more aware of our environmental impact. My daughter has really enjoyed participating too even though she doesn't know she is.

SB: I think that is so sweet. Your daughter will grow up not knowing anything other than being ecoceptionalTM, just like her Mum x.

It was great to catch up with Natalie and awesome to hear that the Sustainababy monthly eco challenges are having a positive impact long after the challenge is finished.

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If you would like to get involved with the Sustainababy Be Eco Inspirational Eco Challenge this month, you can read all the details here.

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