10 August 2014

Where are they now: Our first Eco Challenge Winner



 This month at Sustainababy it's all about being Eco Inspirational, as we celebrate 12 months of Eco Challenge success stories. In this series, Where are they now, we are catching up with our previous challenge winners to find out what they are up to.

It's only fitting that we start this series with our first ever Sustainababy Eco Challenge Winner, Ali Thompson. In July 2013 Ali took up the challenge to Not Buy Anything New for a month! Here’s what Ali has been up to lately …

Sustainababy: We have lots of new subscribers at Sustainababy since you won the challenge in July last year. Can you tell them a little bit about yourself Ali?

Ali: I'm a registered nurse working in upper gastroenterology research. I have one very busy little fella (22mo), with another one on the way, due in February. We live in Happy Valley, which is a great area for families, with plenty of big old gum trees and parks.

SB: What made you decide to participate in the Sustainababy Eco Challenge?

AT: I decided to participate because I have been trying hard to set myself little eco goals. This was a great way to encourage me and keep me on track. I've always been a fan of buying second hand clothing, but the Sustainababy challenge forced me to think outside the square, sourcing as much as possible second hand, everything from homewares to toys!

SB: What was the biggest challenge to overcome during your Eco Challenge?

AT: The biggest challenge was taking the time to find something used, rather than hitting up the shops as soon as I thought of something I needed. I had to learn to be patient, as well as not to shop when I was tired or stressed (big pitfalls for me!).

SB: What eco projects have you completed since you won the challenge?

AT: We have almost finished re-doing our deck. Rather than buy all new wood, we have salvaged the undamaged pieces, only buying what we needed. Neither of us felt very comfortable chucking all that good wood!

SB: Would you recommend this eco challenge to others?

AT: I recommend buying second hand where possible. There are so many great items in wonderful condition. Yes, it's easier to buy some things new, but with a little time at patience, you can not only save money, but you can do you little bit to save perfectly useful from landfill. And if you look after what you already own, you wont have to replace it for years.

We loved catching up with Ali ~ Eco Inpsirational!

If you would like to get involved with the Sustainababy Be Eco Inspirational Eco Challenge this month, you can read all the details here.  

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